Enjoy, learn and have fun in a Christian setting

Summer Science 2022

There’s no hiding the fact that we REALLY get into our weekly group themes! The group will embrace the topics each week in the various stations, including art, STEM and gross motor activities. We look forward to creating new memories!

Camp hours: 9:00 am -12:00 pm
Rates: $170.00 per week

June 20–24: Little Explorers! Mad Scientists!

Mad science camp spark imaginative learning with interactive approach of using hands on experiments and activities. Young learners will explore the exciting lessons, stories, and movement activities.

June 27–July 1: Culinary Creations!

At Culinary Creations, our campers have a blast learning how to cook each day. Your child will learn techniques for everything from measuring, mixing, and blending ingredients. They’ll learn about kitchen equipment, safety, and hygiene. We will be making cookies, breads, and cakes. The best part of each day, of course, is eating the tasty food and bringing any extra home.

July 4–9: Pirate Adventure!

Have some swashbuckling pirate fun! Use a map to find long lost treasures. Make pirate hats and eyepatches too! Play capture the pirate flag and survive cannonball attacks through an obstacle course to find your way home.

Any questions, please contact us.