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Friends with Jesus Summer Groups

In a sermon a few weeks ago, Mother Emily invited us to take time this summer to grow in friendship with Jesus and with others.

Here’s how to do that:

* Form a group of three to five people – this can be friends, family, people you’d like to know better; they can be neighbors or shore friends or any other group – and set a first meeting date.
(We recommend setting a schedule of five dates over three months, but one date is all you need to get started!  You can do this during a week together at the Shore, meet for coffee every week or two, or whatever suits you best. Decide what works for you, but please plan for five separate un-interrupted hours.)

* Sign up here, or let Mother Emily know you’ve formed a group, and receive a copy of “Discipleship for Episcopalians” (a resource with reflection questions and guides to help you have rich, fruitful conversation).

* Meet and do the first exercise together with your friendship group. At the end of that meeting decide if you want to do this again. If the answer is yes, don’t leave that meeting without setting or confirming your next date.

* Meet again. There are five conversations in the resource. At each meeting, check in with your group: Do you want to do this again?

* When you complete the resource, let Mother Emily know. If you would like to keep meeting with your group, you’ll get a new resource for more conversation.

Trinity’s Vestry has begun to use this resource already and recommends it as renewing and refreshing, very easy to use and worth the time.  Please let Mother Emily know if you have any questions.