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Steppin’ Up Day

Steppin’ Up Day is our last big event of the year. The children delight their families with songs and stories and each child is given a special certificate at the end of the program. 

Pizza Night

Our annual pizza night is a family event that’s held every year in May. There is always entertainment with pizza and lots of other good food. This is always a fun night of fellowship. 

Week of the Young Child

In April, the “Week of the Young Child” honors all children. Each child is a unique individual. The children plant pinwheels in front of the church to let the community know how special and important they are. April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

Mother Goose Visit

This special guest visits Trinity each year to charm the children with her nursery rhymes and songs. The children help Mother Goose act out the nursery rhymes using costumes and props. This program is for the 4- and 5-year-olds. 

Super Bowl Party

In celebration of The Big Game, we have an awesome and active party each year. The children wear their favorite team color, jersey or cheerleader outfit. The Parish Hall is filled with exciting football games and drills for the children. A special tailgate snack is served. 

Christmas Concerts Pageants

In celebration of Christmas, the children charm their families with singing a variety of Christmas songs. After the concert, the children are given a gift left for them from Santa. In addition to the concerts, the 4- and 5-year-old children put on a heart-warming pageant of the Christmas story. 

Thanksgiving Feast

All classes celebrate Thanksgiving together at a feast in the Parish Hall. The children make special placemats and dress up as pilgrims or Native Americans. Each class says their special grace and the food is shared.