Enjoy, learn and have fun in a Christian setting

Our Philosophy

Since April of 2000, Trinity Episcopal Preschool has given children the foundation for subsequent school learning in a Christian atmosphere of love and acceptance. We offer an opportunity for young children to experience their first step away from home in a loving, supportive atmosphere.

While we do plan an active and well-balanced day of learning, our nurturing environment matched with our low student-teacher ratio allows for “teachable moments,” those unique and unplanned opportunities during the day which the teachers may use as special teaching and growing times. Our curriculum is designed to give the children a variety of experiences and learning in social relationships, language arts, creative arts, music, number concepts and motor skills.

Our trained and experienced teachers match these experiences with the developmental readiness of each child, promoting growth and happiness. As a result, the children are always playing and working at their own ability and their success allows them to develop positive feelings about themselves.

We believe all children are unique and strive to encourage each child in his or her individual strengths as we prepare them for the future.